"Bless Me Father" at The Erie Station Dinner Theatre!- A Comedy by T. A. Powell

By The Station Dinner Theatre (other events)

7 Dates Through Apr 04, 2020

Bless Me Father

a comedy by T.A. Powell

This is a comedy depicting the happenings in a small Irish parish when the rumor that the Pope, John Paul II is coming for a visit. 

The priest comes down sick, the janitor gets locked in the confessional and is forced to listen to the confessions of the parish.

The janitor's wit and wisdom helps to set thing right, but not before the audience gets a good laugh at the goings-on inside this small town.

“I must ‘confess’, it was a gloriously funny time.”…The Post Gazette 

WEEKENDS MARCH 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29, APRIL 4